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Wood You Still Love Me
Wood You Still Love Me

Wood You Still Love Me?

This painting started out as a tree. I bought the wood from Home Depot. I was constructing a walkway leading from my driveway to the front door of my home. I had to use a skill saw to cut red bricks of different shapes to fit the pattern of the walkway I had designed.

The marks in this wood are a result of the cuts that were made from this process. After I finished my walkway I noticed that there was something about the cuts in this wood that intrigued me, so I placed it back in my studio. After about a year of the occasional encounter with this piece of wood, I decided it was time to create a vision that I felt would give this piece of wood a new life.

So often we take the materials that are at our disposal for granted. Just like we take the people around us for granted. This piece of wood was once alive and the human hand transformed it into a product of mass consumption. It has now become a material that could be bought and sold — sound familiar? Now that it’s a painting, it has a new life.

If I did not take the time to recognize the beauty in this wood, I could have easily tossed it away and not had a second thought. In many ways we treat others and ourselves the same way by failing to recognize or experience the true beauty that is inside us all. Knowing where this wood came from, “Wood you still love me?”