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Statute of Limitation
Statute of Limitation

Statute of Limitations

The Statue of Liberty was said to be modeled after an Egyptian woman, or was it an African enslaved woman or was she meant to commemorate the tremendous role Black Americans played in the Civil War? Its creator, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, was a French abolitionist and sculptor who stood firmly against slavery, so why wouldn’t he create something as monumental as the Statue of Liberty to symbolize the beauty, injustice and achievements of the Black or dark-skinned race. Are we not worthy of such an incredible gift?

If you were to read Bartholdi history, you would find a multitude of information about his life and accomplishments. However, when it comes to finding the true origin of the Statute of Liberty as it relates to Black people, somehow that part of Bartholdi’s life in American history is erased.

You better start researching the truth about your history because time is quickly running out and the statute of limitations only lasts for so long!