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Artist Statement

A man will never be a man without first understanding the female.

My mother gave me birth. In her infinite love, she realized my talents while I was yet a small child. I am an artist because of her. Through the process of life’s lessons; my mother taught me to believe in myself when others doubted, stand up for those who have not the strength to stand up for themselves, be proud and hold my head high, educate my mind and body to the fullest, never give up no matter what and most importantly, keep my faith in GOD.

Becoming a single father to a daughter also put all the lessons learned from my mother to the test and, in fact, I am still being tested today. The joy and heartache that comes with bringing a child into this world helped me wake up and put a stop to my foolish ways. I learned to love and disciplined softly. I had to realize that someone other than myself depended on me. The little voice that called me “Daddy” was intently watching me with her innocent intelligence, unbeknownst that one day she too would become a woman with children of her own.

When you have done well in life and realize the need to share your treasures are better enjoyed with another than alone that is when you are given your soul mate. My wife is, unequivocally, my soul mate. Her love and understanding for me is unmistakable. She came into to my life when I was ripe with the knowledge of acceptance. We share the same values in life and our deepest emotions are locked in embrace. I am what I am and she believes in me as I believe in her. So I create with her love.

As a male artist, my greatest stumbling block has been my inability to get in touch with my emotions. The lessons I have learned from women have profoundly enhanced my creative approach. Women are fearless when it comes to expressing emotion and that is how I want to create, fearlessly. I have felt great joy by relinquishing the cloak of masculinity that holds so many men back from expressing their true emotions. I am no less of a man because of this, but a much greater artist and a much more passionate human being. My focus of this artist statement is on the three women who have had the greatest effect in my life and the unending love and devotion I have received from the female spirit.

My creations are my way of giving gratitude to all women because without you, there is no us!